GonZon – session pack

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This session pack is also part of the Beatwerk Bundle Two. The GonZon kit consists of

  • 6 drumloops (1 free)
  • 8 groups of one shots (28 total)

Format: WAV, 24bit, 44100hz

All drumloops and one shots come in two versions: one in a producer-friendly hifi mode with no limiting, the other one for instant jamming and playalong fun.

I came up with the GonZon kit after I found out that a combination of a drilled „Ozone“ crash cymbal, a mini gong and a special dampening device sounds a little bit like an orchestral hit. Two alu snares, a 2,5 inch deep pancake model and a standard size version with a „clickboard“ attached, create some vintage type gritty tones with different tone length and body. With this kit I used a 15 inch hihat as the main hat, an added spiral cymbal creates a slightly papery tonality. The 20 inch alu kickdrum is played with different beaters (leather, wool, felt) depending on the loop. All six drumloops are very unique and range from moody to dense and busy.




  1. Free GonZon Loop0:24


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