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If you like my beats and sounds but need something more specific, I can help you out with exclusively custom tailored content! Thanks to my workflow and documentation of many of my setups and projects, I am able to recreate specific sounds and beats.

How does it work?

The process might go like this: You heard my stuff on this page or on instagram but want a different beat, tempo, more reverb, less distortion, straight instead of shuffled or whatever? You have a reference in mind? Or even a (pilot-) track? Send me a message!

What happens then?

After we agreed on everything, I will go to my studio, pick all the drums, cymbals, and weird ingredients that are necessary and off we go.

Do you also do other stuff?

Yes, I can even run a cam with me playing your part and/or deliver session photos!

contact me

+49 (0) 17661239190

Goethestrasse 7, 28203 Bremen → Germany


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