beatwerk bundle two – bundle pack



The Beatwerk Bundle Two consists of the previous 4 Session Packs:

  • GonZon
  • RedBall
  • CanBounce
  • oh!8

Format: WAV, 24 bit, 44100 hz

For a reduced price you get 19 drumloops and 23 sets of one shots (79 total).

The GonZon Session Pack: I came up with the GonZon kit after I found out that a combination of a drilled „Ozone“ crash cymbal, a mini gong and a special dampening device sounds a little bit like an orchestral hit. Two alu snares, a 2,5 inch deep pancake model and a standard size version with a „clickboard“ attached, create some vintage type gritty tones with different tone length and body. With this kit I used a 15 inch hihat as the main hat, an added spiral cymbal creates a slightly papery tonality. The 20 inch alu kickdrum is played with different beaters (leather, wool, felt) depending on the loop. All six drumloops are very unique and range from moody to dense and busy.

The RedBall Session Pack: The RedBall kit is a very special configuration. It is centered around a 13×3 bronze piccolo snaredrum, a bebop-size kickdrum and an 18 inch, bottomhead-less floortom. The batterhead works as a bendable surface for a plastic shakerball. Depending on pressure and position, the pitch varies which results in almost synthbass-like texture. Highly recommended session pack for producers and musicians who want to build on something punchy but weird.

The CanBounce Session Pack: The CanBounce kit has plenty of maxbeatwerk DNA in it! An empty nut can on a 13 inch bronze piccolo snaredrum, played with a flexible shaft mallet creates almost timbale-like textures that glue the beats together. Taped to the bassdrum batterhead, the plastic cover of the can works as a natural distortion device. Use this packs loops and oneshots standalone or as highly effective add ons for your existing drumtracks.

The oh!8 Session Pack: There is this iconic drummachine with several 8s in its name. The oh!8 kit has at least one 8, too. It is also the session pack number 8 and utilizes a mic with the figure 8 pickup pattern. It contains some massive beats and oneshots that resemble the well known sounds, but with a slight difference: the ingredients are all natural. A detuned floortom delivers the characteristic, flabby mids mangled with real boutique tube preamp saturation. A chained 15“ snaredrum and my quirky 2,5“ deep alu snare complement the pack befitting.

All drumloops and one shots come in two versions: one in a producer-friendly hifi mode with no limiting, the other one for instant jamming and playalong fun.




  1. Free GonZon Loop0:24
  1. Free RedBall Loop0:27
  1. Free CanBounce Loop0:17
  1. Free oh!8 Loop0:11


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