beatwerk bundle one – bundle pack



The Beatwerk Bundle One consists of the previous 4 Session Packs:

  • CanOff
  • ReBrush
  • ACB
  • GonKi

Format: WAV, 24bit, 44100hz

For a reduced price you get 18 drumloops (4 free, see below) and 25 groups of one shots (105 total).

CanOff Session Pack: The kit’s centerpiece is a massive sounding, 20 inch seamless aluminium shell bassdrum with just a tiny bit of dampening. A weird hammered aluminium bowl with a splash cymbal inside, played with a smashed shaker can creates crunchy mids and high end sizzle.

ReBrush Session Pack: This kit uses a special rattan brush to soften the transients on some of the snare sounds. Added texture is another benefit of this rather unusual stick variation. An open tuned brass snaredrum, a deep juicy sidesnare and a leather bassdrum beater deliver space and contrast.

ACB Session Pack: The contrast provided by a clean, huge sounding vintage 9000 Recording bassdrum and different types of bells on snares and cymbals make this kit special. A smashed aluminium bowle, a rattling spiral cymbal and an additional, wet snare make for an inspiring ensemble.

GonKi Session Pack: The GonKi kit is based on the combination of a Tibetan minigong and a big vintage 24 inch Recording bassdrum, played with a leather beater. The result is a deep, powerful kicksound with a unique midrange tonality. Depending on my playing technique, notelength control adds texture. The top end of the kit is delivered by a lush sounding 15“ hihat, a special woodchain/crashcymbal device and two snares (shallow bell brass and deep birch) with different tunings and dampening settings.

All drumloops and one shots come in two versions: one in a producer-friendly hifi mode with no limiting, the other one for instant jamming and playalong fun.




  1. Free CanOff Loop0:23
  1. Free ReBrush Loop0:24
  1. Free ACB Loop0:20
  1. Free GonKi Loop0:19


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